Malin, a symbol of Medulin and guardian of its port

At the end of the waterfront promenade in Medulin, there is a windmill locally known as Malin. Built 140 years ago, it is a symbol of Medulin that keeps watch over its port. Today, it has a new, renovated look and grinds the grain again – with the help of electromotors when there is not enough wind.

Today’s Malin of Medulin is a faithful copy of the original – a windmill with a grinding stone, wooden mill elements, a rotating cap and eight sails. Inside, there are various items needed for flour processing, as well as antiques, until recently left forgotten in attics, and which now shine again with their old splendour in the restored windmill. Every evening (except on Saturdays) from 1st July to 31st August, from 8 pm to 10 pm, the smell of freshly baked bread additionally attracts visitors to visit the place and see how flour was made and how bread was baked in the past.