Arrival in Medulin

The Medulin Riviera is connected to Central Europe by the 141 kilometre long Istrian Y motorway.

To drive in Croatia you need a valid driver’s license, while tolls are charged on motorways, some semi-motorways and on some bridges and tunnels.

On the Istrian Y, the maximum allowed speed is 110 kilometres per hour, even though it is a motorway. On most motorways, the speed limit is 130 kilometres per hour.

By car:

From the west: Trieste – Koper – Buje – Pula – Medulin

From the north: Villach – Ljubljana – Koper – Buje – Pula – Medulin

From the east: Zagreb – Rijeka – Učka Tunnel – Pazin – Pula – Medulin

It is possible to join the motorway from all directions or drive along local roads.

Road distance from Medulin to some cities

Rijeka – 112 km

Zagreb – 298 km

Trieste – 136 km

Munich – 617 km

Milan – 545 km

Graz – 398 km

Ljubljana – 207

Koper – 107 km

Roadside assistance

The telephone number for roadside assistance is (+3851) 1987. For more information, foreign tourists can contact the Information Centre of the Croatian Auto Club at +385 (0) 14640800, 24/7. Information on road conditions can be obtained in several languages ​​on the 2nd channel of the Croatian Radio or on the RDS system.

Useful information on the road conditions in the Republic of Croatia can be found at

By boat and yacht:

By boat over the border crossing Pula, 10 km from Medulin

The Medulin Riviera is indirectly connected with Zadar by the fast passenger boat “Krilo Lux” from Pula, which sails over the islands of Unije, Susak, Mali Lošinj, Ilovik and Silba to Zadar. More information and timetable can be found HERE.

The timetable and more detailed information can be found HERE.

By plane:

The Medulin Riviera is an attractive air tourist destination due to its proximity to the Pula International Airport (only 10 km away), where many airlines land and which offers daily flights to the Zagreb Airport. More info:

Zagreb International Airport – 298 km

T: + 385 1 456 22 22
Info: + 385 1 62 65 222

Pula International Airport –  15 km

T: + 385 52 530 105
F: + 385 52 550 914

Other airports near the Medulin Riviera:

Rijeka International Airport (Krk) – 162 km

T: + 385 51 841 222
T: + 385 51 842 040

Trieste International Airport (RONCHI – Italy) – 168 km

T: + 39 0481 773224
F: + 39 0481 474150

MARCO POLO Airport (VENEZIA – Italy) – 274 km

T: +39 (0)41 260 9260

» Arrival planner:

On the Medulin Riviera there is also the Medulin Sports Airport for smaller planes. Foreign tourists can land at the Medulin airport only after they have officially entered the Republic of Croatia through one of the border crossings. The nearest border crossing on the Medulin Riviera is the Pula Airport. At the Medulin airport, the plane can be parked in a hangar, and those who do not own a plane can certainly use the services of air taxis and enjoy the beautiful views from the air.

More information about the Medulin Sports Airport and its services on their website – Delić Air

By bus

Pula, as the largest Istrian city, only ten kilometres from Medulin, is well connected by bus to all Croatian cities, but also many European ones. For example, there are direct lines from Pula to Trieste, Venice, Ljubljana, Graz, etc.

For more information about bus lines in Croatia and Europe:

The Pula Bus Station is located at Trg 1. Istarske brigade bb, the phone numbers are as follows:

INFORMATION: +385 52 356 533


You can always reach the Medulin Riviera from Pula by suburban bus lines or by taxi (Taxi Pula T: +385 52 223 228; Taxi Cammeo T: +385 52 313 313; CroTaxi T: +385 52 600 600, T: +385 91 6060 604).