The Art of Fishing – The Art of Living

Premantura – main squer
16th September – 1st October 2022

For some people, the sea is destiny.

It’s easy to think of nothing by the sea, unless your existence depends on it. For many, the view of the endless blue of the sea and the shores cracked due to wind and salt brings only tranquility. There are few who enjoy the beauty of the sea and are at the same time aware of its moody side, the destructive force that sinks ships and takes lives. I have always wondered – how much will, strength, skill and wisdom did fishermen need to tame the sea and provide for themselves and their families in small, wooden boats a few meters long, relying only on their own strength combined with the endurance of the oars? They needed a lot, and only those who once found themselves in the middle of a stormy sea or stayed up at night because of impending danger or passion for fishing, know how difficult the fishing trade is. Rowing was done by hand, on these small boats, even to Susak, Unije and Cres, in order to ensure a better catch.

This exhibition aims to provide a better insight into the fishing way of life and economy of this region, and perhaps it will also be an incentive to create a fishing museum in a traditional fishing area where fishermen used to gather, mend their nets and recount anecdotes about catching fish. . Maybe this exhibition will encourage a certain boy or girl to learn something from that tradition, not only theoretically, but also practically? Could it be that maybe one of the youngsters will want to try  fishing using a spear, reel and rod, longline or a net that they have woven themselves?

It is exciting and comfortable to live with new technologies, to walk to the fish market and buy fish, however – we are never sure what the time will bring and maybe those written knowledges will be useful again. So – let’s preserve the traditions of our elders.

The exhibition is open the whole day – you are welcome!