• Positioning: Medulin - Pula
    Difficulty: Soft
    Highest point: 70 m
    Type of the trail: Asphalt & Macadam
    Macadam: 1 Km
    Length of the trail: 45 Km
    Altitude: 197 m
    Lowest point: 1 m
    Riding time: 5.00-5.30h
    Asphalt: 44 km

355 – Bike route Pula Classical

Pula is, like Rome, situated on seven hills. Pula also, like Rome, has numerous ancient monuments. It is 3000 years old and that makes it older than Rome.

Pula is a town of unique history which offers attractions and interesting things from several historic periods. The road takes us first to the Šijana forest, the famous Kaiserwald arranged during the K&K monarchy and then further to the center of Pula – to the most famous ancient monument, the amphitheater Arena. The construction was used for gladiator fights and it was built in the 1st century during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. The amphitheater of Pula is the sixth in the world. There is the restaurant-hotel “Amfiteatar” next to the Arena where you can try creative specialties and enjoy premium wines. 

From Arena we depart towards the highest part of Pula’s old town – Kaštel. It was built by the Republic of Venice in the 17th century and the fort is now the home of The historic and navy museum of Istria. By taking the road down, we reach the Archaeological museum of Istria and the Small Roman Theater in its courtyard. The Archaeological Museum of Istria is spread on 3,600 square meters and several collections of valuable historical treasure are being held inside it. The road takes us to Portarata, the Arch of Sergi – the Roman triumphal arch set up in the honour of three brothers from the Sergi family. We are now in the center of Pula and we will stop by the green and fish market, where in small diners we can try various types of food. We go further to the Forum, the town main square where people mingle since the emperor Augustus times.

We pass by the boulevard walls of on-time imperial Arsenal towards the peninsula Stoja, then towards the Navy cemetery, today a cultural monument. 150,000 people have been buried here. Across the street of the cemetery one of the most famous restaurants – “Milan” – which offers daily fresh fish and seafood, invites us to enjoy its specialties. We continue and pass the town beach Valkane and the popular promenade Lungo Mare. In the pleasant Mediterranean surroundings, we ride the bike trail, which seems to dive into the sea, all the way to the Aquarium of Pula situated in the Austro-Hungarian fort at Verudela. On the way back, we recommend you to stop in the Ribarska koliba restaurant, built in the Austro-Hungarian period which offers great fish specialties.

Passing accross the town neighbourhood Vidikovac we return to the Medulin Riviera.