• Start – Finish: Banjole
    Length: 14 km
    Asphalt: 7 km
    Macadam: 7 km
    Altitude: 66 m
    Highest point: 36 m
    Lowest point: 1 m
    Riding time: 1:30 h
    Difficulty: Easy
    Type: Official track

319 – bike route Banjolka

Many tourists come to the Medulin Riviera because of its excellent bike trails. One that you should definitely take is the Banjolka trail. Its start and finish are in Banjole, near the so-called Community Centre, which was built 35 years ago.

Banjole, once a fishing village, today is a tourist destination with many campsites, apartments and holiday homes. In the immediate vicinity of the starting point of our bike trail, you’ll find the Batelina tavern – a legendary restaurant that Michelin Guide has included in its list of recommended places. You may not take refreshment at the very beginning at Batelina, but if you have the time and find a free table you can do so at the end of your ride. And before your break, the trail will take you to Vinkuran, always known for its stone. A big local attraction is the Cave Romane quarry, whose rocks helped build buildings all over Europe, and precisely these stone blocks were used to build the Pula Arena. Stop at the Cave Romane quarry, a unique location which today hosts concerts and attracts music lovers to this challenging acoustic space. The signposts on the trail will take you to Vintijan and then to Pješčana Uvala, known for its beautiful beach, but also for numerous restaurants located by the sea. Before returning to Banjole, the trail will take you through Soline Forest Park, whose impressive ecosystem was protected in 1996. You are now going back to Banjole. To conclude your ride, you can visit the Crnobori Regional Gallery, which is located near the finish. Established in 2011, one part of the gallery holds a permanent exhibition of reproductions of paintings and personal belongings of the famous artist Josip Crnobori and his cousin, the actress Marija Crnobori, while the other part often hosts interesting exhibitions.