• Ubicazione: Medulin
    Difficolta’ del percorso: Medio
    Punto massimo: 62 m
    Tipo di percorso: Asfalto e Sterrato
    Sterrato: 10 km
    Asfalto: 41.49 km
    Lunghezza del percors: 51.49 km
    Punto minimo: 1 m
    Tempo di guida: 4 - 4:30 h

315 – Bike route Medulin Riviera

The Medulin Riviera bike trail is ideal for all those who want to explore all the places of our Riviera on two wheels. It starts and ends on the Medulin waterfront, and soon as you ride up the streets of Medulin, you will reach the first attraction – the Church of St. Agnes, the only church in Istria with two bell towers. It was built on the site of an older church in 1893.

The trail will take you further to Vinkuran, where you should definitely visit the local quarry Cave Romane, where in Roman times rocks were extracted and used for building, even for the famous Pula Arena. Today, the steep cliffs of the quarry make an amazing acoustic stage and host numerous concerts.

In Pješčana Uvala, the next stop on your way, you can take some refreshment in one of the many restaurants and bars by the sea. After that, the trail will take you through Soline Forest Park all the way to Banjole, a small fishing village. Soline Forest Park has been protected since 1996. If you have the time, it is nice to take a walk or ride along the educational trail telling the story of the forest.

The trail takes you further to Upper Kamenjak, which offers a view of the entire Medulin Archipelago. Enjoy the view of the islands and the open sea from this area of protected landscape.

Your next stop is Lower Kamenjak, the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula. You will ride through untouched nature, along the shoreline with numerous hidden coves and enjoy the beautiful views of the Porer lighthouse and the island of Fenoliga. Safari Bar is located at the tip of Cape Kamenjak – a unique place blended into nature that provides a real vacation for body and soul. The trail will take you further, along the eastern side of Kamenjak, to Premantura, a picturesque village inhabited since the Bronze Age. The Church of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of the village, was built in 1632. From Premantura you will continue towards Pomer, crossing the bridge – Šćuza – which connects the attractive beach of the same name with Pomer. There you can find the remains of villas and baths dating back to Roman times. You then slowly return to Medulin – where your journey began. And just before the end of the trail, you can visit Archaeological Park Vižula.

We believe you enjoyed the ride, while breathing in the scent of the sea and Mediterranean herbs, and returned to the starting point impressed by what you’ve seen.