Istrian Farm

The first thing you hear when approaching the Istrian Farm are the variety of sounds. Very unusual sounds for many who live in the city, such as donkey’s bray and the croaking of chickens. You will also hear pheasants, ducks and many other farm animals that live here. If you look closer, you will even see parrots, but also Istrian oxen. The autochthonous Istrian ox is a huge white-grey animal with long horns. Males can weigh more than a thousand kilograms and their meat is a real delicacy.

Yes, you are in a very special place located on Kamenjak, just a few dozen metres from Polje Cove. You can choose whether to first take a walk and see this wonderful animal life, maybe even stop at the olive grove, or take some refreshment in the restaurant. It is open during late spring and in the summer, and offers a variety of local specialties prepared from fruits and vegetables grown on this or the neighbouring farms. For real gourmets, we recommend top quality sheep cheese, Istrian pork loin, pancetta and prosciutto, of course, produced right on this farm. A drop of olive oil makes everything even better. Olive oil is made from olives that grow near the terrace where the hosts will serve you food, and they will often add red onions to your salad. They say that the big red Premantura onion is special, so be sure to taste it.

The idyllic Istrian Farm has attracted many visitors, and many come back again and again, so be sure to drop by. Follow the signposts leading to it and while driving a car, walking or riding a bike on your way here, enjoy the beautiful nature along the way.

For additional information: sandra.krivicic@gmail,com; phone: 00385 98 421 982, 00385 92 291 95 25