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Virtual reality

The buildings at Vižula in which wealthy Romans lived sumptuously enjoying the benefits of contemporary culture, art, science and gastronomy have to a great extent been preserved by archaeologists and are now located under the ground across the peninsula and also in the sea. However, visitors can experience them with the help of VR glasses and see the remains of this maritime complex from the imperial and late antiquity periods, which is today largely submerged, stretching 40 metres into the sea on the western and south-western sides of the peninsula. The dimensions of the former imperial building are marked by a wall that can still be seen on the sandbank and which was part of a 720-metre-long front that stretched from the sandbank to the ancient pier, located approximately at the level of what is now Runke Cove. If you take a walk around the archaeological park, with the help of multimedia you’ll be able to see the peristyle of the magnificent villa and its beautiful mosaics but also the quay and warehouses for wheat, oil and wine, which was either produced here or imported and transported by ship to Vižula in amphorae.