Windsurfing centar Medulin

Windsurfing Centre Medulin opened few years ago to become the leading windsurfing centre in Istria.

We provide all kinds of services related to windsurfing such as teaching classes -from beginners to advanced, equipment storage, purchase and repair.

We are base in the Medulin bay at the beach in the camping Medulin in Medulin.

We can provide classes in five languages: German, English, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian. We also strive to develop a close relationship with the learners where we have groups of maximum five people, which automatically raises the quality of the classes. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge to our clients to their satisfaction.

An important part of our activity are the competitions we organize, from the local ones to the big one. As most of the windsurfers and many others know, we are the organisers of Hallowind – one of the most important events of this kind in Europe.

See you in our centre!