• Location: Premantura
    Starting point: car park at the entrance to Premantura
    Difficultly: easy
    Highest point: 58 m
    Surface: gravel
    Asphalt: 2 km
    Distance: 13.5 km
    End point: car park at the entrance to Premantura
    Elevation: 223 m
    Lowest point: 2 m
    Duration: 2.5 hours
    Gravel: 11.5 km

134 – Donji Kamenjak Biodiversity Trail

When you head down this trail, at its very beginning, in Premantura, you’ll see many mountain bikers and hikers who have set out for the southernmost point of Istria. Most of them come in autumn and spring. This is when Kamenjak is not as crowded as in summer, and its nature is equally beautiful and challenging in every season. So let’s start from the parking lot at the entrance to Premantura, where the trail begins and ends. You set off into an oasis of untouched nature, the protected landscape of Kamenjak, where building or any kind of intervention in the landscape is prohibited. In truth, some interventions had to take place to set up life-size dinosaur sculptures that await you on the Dinosaur Trail. Near the trail you’ll come upon Cape Grakalovac, where dinosaur footprints were imprinted in the rocks almost a hundred million years ago. And as you walk along this part of the trail, in the distance you’ll see the islet of Fenoliga, also known for the footprints of these wondrous creatures that once walked the Earth. At this point, you will surely catch sight of the Porer lighthouse, built on the rock of the same name in the open sea. There’s almost no person who walked through this part of Kamenjak who didn’t feel the need to take a photo of it. And many, as they walk and enjoy the beautiful views, take photos of coves and bays, cliffs and canyons passing by. Be sure to pay attention to the plants surrounding you, because here on Kamenjak you’ll find about 500 different plant species, among which orchids are especially attractive.

Take a break in the Safari Bar, built of driftwood and other natural materials from Kamenjak, and then move on. As you walk towards your destination, you will enjoy the views of the Medulin Archipelago and its uninhabited islets, and on clear days you’ll be able to see the island of Cres, Osorčica, and often Velebit in the distance. At this point, you will catch sight of Medulin and its Parish Church of St. Agnes, the only one with two towers in Istria, but you should head towards Premantura. This popular tourist destination used to be a fishing village, which is evident from the numerous boats you see in the coves during your walk. When you get to the centre of Premantura, be sure to visit the House of Nature and the Church of St. Lawrence, and you can take some refreshment in one of Premantura’s restaurants and cafes. After that, head to the parking lot where you began your walk.

The locals of Premantura call Cape Kamenjak Punta. And there is a legend or a story that Punta chases away the rain. Whether you believe it or not, it’s good to know that this is an area with very little rainfall and a lot of sunny days that are best spent in nature.