Its an unforgettable experience to dive in our Diving Center SHARK wich can offer you sightseeing of  ship wrecks, rocks, tunnels, underwater walls and other underwater attractions.

If you are not a diver and  you would like to experience the magic of the underwater world, we can offer you various diving courses, rent you  diving equipment and provide a unique feeling of diving. In addition to experienced guides and instructors, we offer you all-day diving trips – boat expeditions for recreational and professional (technical) divers.

The SHARK Diving Center is equipped with a modern compressor station for air, oxygen, NITROX and TRIMIX.

DC SHARK fleet consists of two ships, Petrita, length 15m, and Catamaran, length 12m. Both ships are equipped with a hydraulic elevator to lift a diver from, and descend the diver into the sea, intended for technical divers and disabled divers/persons, invalids.

We can provide accommodation, from private to luxury in a hotel for individuals and groups.

Whether you’re just a random passer on our site who wants to find out more about diving, thinking about how it feels to go underwater… or if you are an experienced diver who seeks for an adventure discovering sites like wrecks, caves and undersea walls, we are to offer you a unique diving experience!