• Location: Gornji (Upper) Kamenjak
    Start: Cave of Our Lady of Lourdes
    Finish: Artificial cave
    Highest point: 71 m
    Lowest point: 44 m
    Altitude: 27 m
    Length: 2,4 km
    Walking time: 1 h
    Difficulty: easy
    Type: Official track

137 – Sensory-Didactic Path Gradine

This interesting educational trail starts from the forest road on the right side of the entrance to Premantura, to be more precise, near the cave of Our Lady of Lourdes on Upper Kamenjak.

The trail is not difficult – for about an hour, the amount of time you’ll need, you will enjoy the fascinating views, beautiful nature, the scent and the blue of the sea, all the way through.

As you walk along the trail, you’ll be amazed by natural beauties as well as man-made curiosities – from the cave to Castrum, from the searchlight station to the Gomila battery, and next to them you’ll find boards with interesting information so you can learn about the history of this landscape. During the Austro-Hungarian rule of Istria, the area of ​​Lower and Upper Kamenjak was part of the defence line of the city of Pula. A number of bunkers, batteries and other infrastructure, which are still there and attract many visitors, were built precisely to defend Pula.

Be sure to stop at the lookout with a view of Šćuza, today a popular and well-developed beach located in a protected part of the Pomer Bay. It is an artificially closed bay where a fish farm used to be. There is a beautiful view of that part of the coast and the stone bridge that connects the two sides of the shallow bay.

An integral part of the trail is an 800-metre-long sensory-didactic path for blind and partially sighted people. This circular path is located at the very beginning of the educational trail. Along this part of the trail there are 17 information boards in Braille.

After the walk, we suggest you visit Premantura and get to know this picturesque place, its squares and alleys and treat yourself to delicious food in the local restaurants. If you decide to go for lunch or dinner, we recommend some of the fish specialties – black risotto, crabs or fresh fish – Premantura is widely known for crab fishing.