Rock&Stars@CaveRomane  Festival

July & August 2023

Cave Romane, an ancient Roman quarry in Vinkuran from which stone was excavated for the construction of Pula Arena back in the 1st century, is a unique stage for music concerts. This fantastic space has excellent acoustics. There are approximately a thousand seats in perfect harmony with nature, which provides a wondrous musical experience.
The quarry is open to visitors, and we definitely recommend taking a walk through its labyrinth of stone blocks located at the entrance before the concert.

the programme of events 2023

July 26th – PETAR GRAŠO (concert of the famous Croatian pop singer)

July 27th – PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE (concert of the famous Croatian rock-band)

August 3th – SILENTE (concert of the famous Croatian pop-band)

August 4th – LIVEPLAY (concert of Coldplay Tribute Band))

August 5th – KOSHEEN (concert of electronic music)