Hook&Cook Festival Medulin 2022

Hook and Cook Festival

Seafood gourmet event, Medulin 2022
24 and 25 June

A unique gourmet event!

Hook and Cook Festival celebrates the love of the sea, gathers fishermen, chefs and musicians and brings seafood specialties closer to a broader audience.


Jorg Zupan feat. Marko Turković
The best young Slovenian and Croatian chefs, who cook in famous Michelin star restaurants, will prepare modern and innovative street food dishes from local fish.

Jorg Zupan


24/06 Forbidden Dance Records feat. Samuele Pagliai

25/06 Pepi Jogarde

Have fun on the waves of Adriatic Coasting and summer house vibes.

Modern and innovative

We have brought younger generations closer to a traditional fishing festival in an urban and creative way.

Good vibrations with great seafood and a relaxed atmosphere are an ideal setting for spending warm summer days.

Famous guests

Top chefs on boats prepare their distinctive seafood specialties from the catch of local fishermen.

Ovaj projekt financiran je sredstvima Europske unije iz Europskog fonda za pomorstvo i ribarstvo