Service Information Kamenjak

Lower and Upper Kamenjak, these fantastic natural areas are situated near the village of Premantura, at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula.

You can visit the area of ​​Upper Kamenjak throughout the year without paying the entrance fee, just before entering Premantura turn right towards the local cemetery, this is the starting point for all bike and hiking routes in Upper Kamenjak.

To enter the area of Lower Kamenjak, with some of the most beautiful beaches in Istria, you have to pay an entrance fee in the period from May to October if you want to visit this area of untouched nature by motorcycle, car or a camper trailer. Outside the main tourist season, you can enter the area by a motor vehicle free of charge. Hikers and cyclists can visit the area of ​​Lower Kamenjak and enjoy its charms free of charge all year round.

A one-day ticket HERE to see all the prices. You can buy tickets at the entrance ramps, and to avoid long waits in the summer months (the busiest time of the year), we definitely recommend buying tickets ONLINE.

During your stay in the Kamenjak area, please adhere to the rules of conduct that normally apply to spending time in nature and at the sea.

Picking, destroying and collecting protected species is prohibited. You should drive carefully, not too fast, and be sure to park your cars in the designated areas. No fires are allowed outside the designated areas.

Camping is not allowed in Kamenjak, and all its visitors must leave the area by 10 pm. If you use water means of transport, watch out for divers, swimmers, and beware of the sea currents that can be very strong in these waters. Enjoy the view of the dolphins, but do not disturb them. Protect the environment, do not throw or leave garbage behind.

More detailed instructions and rules of conduct for the area of ​​Lower and Upper Kamenjak can be found HERE. Complying with these rules will help us preserve this magnificent area for future generations.

The area of ​​Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago and Upper Kamenjak has a Ranger Service of the Public Institution of Kamenjak, which you can always turn to for help, additional information or in an emergency. The ranger service phone number is 00385 (0) 98 255 52 57.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the area of ​​significant landscapes of Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago and Upper Kamenjak. We hope these tips will make every moment you spend here even more memorable.